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The WALLY Story

The Early Years

Walter grew up in Philadelphia, Pa and was raised by a determined single mother. He was taught to value hard work and the rich culture that comes with being African American. The climate in the household was tempered with the belief that no obstacle is too large to overcome if you persevere and move steadfast toward your goals. As a toddler, Walter developed a strong passion for cars. Most kids couldn’t go to bed without their favorite teddy bear by their side, similarly, Walter couldn’t sleep without his favorite toy car by his side. Nothing gave him more joy than receiving a new toy car or turning the pages of the new edition of Car and Driver or Consumer Reports. At the age of eight, he even envisioned his own Automotive Company. The company was called ‘Volcano’. Volcano was a full line of luxury and sports cars which featured the latest technology and cutting-edge designs.

The Professional Journey

Walter took his passion for cars and decided to become an engineer. He is a Dual Degree Engineering graduate with a Bachelors in General Science from Morehouse College and a degree in Engineering Management from Missouri S&T. While matriculating through the Dual Degree Engineering Program, Mr. Scott-Williams was awarded several scholarships through DDEP corporate sponsors such as: General Electric, General Motors, Sherwin Williams, and BP. His studies and advanced academic standings qualified him for several internships with General Motors. GM is where he initially gained exposure to the automotive industry and supply chain operations. Upon graduation, he was selected to participate in General Electric’s two-year Operations Management Leadership Program. As a result, he gained valuable training and professional work experience in Supply Chain, Logistics, Warehousing, Operations, and Manufacturing. Mr. Scott-Williams’ professional work portfolio also includes time as a Senior Consultant with Capgemini serving as a Business Analyst, Project Management Analyst, Data Analyst, and Functional Test Leader. Following his 4yr tenure at Capgemini, Walter served 3yrs as a Senior Performance Improvement Consultant at Ernst & Young (EY). At EY, he utilized his experiences to define and drive business transformations through process improvements and best practices. Despite all of these accomplishments, Walter still had a strong desire to pursue a career in the Automotive Industry, while making a larger impact with his people and professional skills. After hitting consecutive brick walls, it became apparent to him that in order to do the work that he felt most passionate about, he needed to create his own opportunity!

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The Present & Future

With Kinetic Solutions, Walter’s goal is to combine the knowledge and expertise of working in corporate consulting, conducting years of automotive research, and the perseverance of everyday life experiences to fuel a media platform and consulting service. Years in the making, Kinetic Solutions and its subsidiaries CarTalkWithWally, RealTalkWithWally and Kinetic Solutions Consulting is Walter’s way to illuminate people’s passion for automobiles, showcase the quest to uncovering truth and overcoming life’s obstacles, and unlock the tools that help businesses and organizations become more sustainable in the future. Passion Drives Lifestyle at Kinetic Solutions!

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